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Societal Impact Highlight

India’s first bus fuelled on Bio CNG (processed from city waste) supplied by Venture Center’s resident incubatee Noble Exchange was flagged off by the Hon’able MoPG on 7-8 July 2017. The “city waste – city bus” program at Pune is the first of its kind initiative outside of Sweden to be adopted at a large-scale customer level.

Noble Exchange’s effort was well supported by Tata Motors that presented the entire range of commercial vehicles developed and certified good to fuel on Bio CNG from City Waste. Infosys also made a presentation regarding their decision & business case to shift all vehicles used for staff transport exclusively to be fuelled on Bio CNG supplied by Noble Exchange.

Did you know?! Noble Exchange has set up the world’s largest capacity food-waste-processing plant that is converting over 1700 tonnes of waste, generated in the city of Pune, to value! Read more:

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