Investment News – BIRAC SEED Fund

Healthcare startup Kozhnosys at Venture Center has raised seed funding from the BIRAC SEED Fund hosted at Venture Center.

Kozhnosys is a biomedical devices start-up working on the development of a routine screening device for cancer. The company is working towards developing a breath-based breast cancer screening device called ‘CanScan’, which is designed to detect breast cancer as early as stage 1. Unlike mammography, this is a simple, safe, painless, and non-invasive technique that analyses the exhaled breath of a person and detects breast cancer markers. The seed fund investment from BIRAC will be utilised for testing the prototype and conducting a wider observational study of exhaled breath of breast cancer patients.

More on the BIRAC SEED Fund

Venture Center is hosting a seed fund with a corpus of Rs 2 crore under the scheme “Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Fund” (“SEED Fund”) of BIRAC. The SEED Fund is meant to provide capital assistance to startups with new and meritorious ideas, innovations and technologies.