New People & Startups


REVY Environmental Solutions is developing indigenously manufactured, economically beneficial, eco-friendly and efficient granulated sludge for ETP/STP units to overcome the day-to-day challenges of operating and maintaining anaerobic digesters.

Kozhnosys is a start-up working towards demonstrating proof of concept for a novel sensor for rapid breath based routine screening for breast cancer, by identifying elevated concentration of volatile markers in exhaled breath.

Vidcare Innovations is developing an equipment-free, over the counter TSH test for screening of hypothyroidism during pregnancy, to be used by ANM/SN/LHV in rural areas.

Eyedentify is an automotive IoT solutions start-up aimed at ensuring in-vehicle security for drivers and commuters via intelligent features designed to deter offenders and alert authorities in real-time in case of an incident.

Shapecrunch is aiming to reinvent custom foot products with 3D Printing & Shapecrunch‘s Mobile app. It makes 3D models of foot orthotics from photos of feet using computer vision & machine learning. The mobile app eliminates the need for a scanner and the 3D printing technology lowers the cost, thereby saving time, money, effort & providing consistent quality.

Ayaas Consultancy Services is an Engineering Design Analysis Consultancy Company, offering Computer Aided Engineering solutions in the areas of Structural, Thermal, Contact, Vibration, Fluid flow and Mechanism analyses techniques. Currently, Ayaas is developing a novel technology for increasing efficiency of solar thermal systems.

Helios IoT Systems is developing an Integrated Platform for Solar Energy Management, that is suitable for all segments of solar energy – Mini Grids, Roof Tops as wells as solar farm. The platform will provide features such as real-time data monitoring,  KPI dashboards and monitoring, asset & financial management, preventive and correcting maintenance support

Sense it Out Intelligent Solutions is an Agri-Tech startup that helps farmers maximize the crop yield by optimizing the use of water &fertilizers. Sense it Out’s product SICCA (Sensor-based Intelligent Crop Centric Automation) is a wireless sensor-based IoT product which automates the Irrigation (Phase-I) & Fertigation (Phase-II) system using agri-research know-how.

New NIDHI EIR Fellow at Venture Center

Name: Ajay Menon

About: He is working on developing a Green Air Purification and Rejuvenation System. He brings 7 years of experience  on different areas of environmental science and engineering, such as bioreactor design, bioprocess control, process optimization, and wastewater treatment.

New Employee at Venture Center

Name: Akansha Mishra

About: She has joined us as a Lab Associate with our Scientific Initiatives team. She obtained a masters degree in Biotechnology from Gurunanak Dev university, Amritsar after which she worked as a project associate at IIT Kanpur for 4 years.

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