Milestones & Investment Updates

Major Milestones

BiolMed Innovations – a startup developing biomedical products based on silk fibroin – has received DSIR recognition. Their flagship product, SeriOss, has cleared most of the preclinical trials. It holds promise as a novel bone graft substitute.

 Genrich Membranes – a startup using novel hollow fiber technology for various membrane applications -has successfully completed pre-proof of concept (Pre-POC) for hydrogen recovery from refinery off gases at  the laboratory scale with a renowned oil refinery in India and is now moving forward for piloting at the refinery. They have also conducted a pre-PoC with a leading engineering company for a niche membrane application.

WeInnovate Biosolutions: is now an associate member of the Diabetic Foot Society of India, which is one of the very few societies all over the world, dedicated  to the Diabetic Foot. They are also excited about initiating the regulatory approval process for their flagship product – HealRAP Pro.

Module Innovations is working on a small credit card sized strip that will allow for rapid visual detection of the presence of four specific UTI-causing bacteria, The prototype for USense has already been developed, and there are plans to launch the product by this year.

BioPrime Agrisolutions: They have 8 products, of which 3 are showing tremendous sales & farmer interest (Prime Conquer, Prime Verdant, Prime Chiron). Their product has been launched in Chattisgarh, and over the course of this year, they are looking to expand in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, AP, and Telengana. Three patents have been filed, in addition to 6 trademarks. They are also in the process of signing a commercialization agreement with a company that will take their products to 10 states and 2 countries in 2 phases.

Investments and follow-on funding

WeInnovate Bisolutions has received NIDHI Prayas Grant for prototyping of their pipeline product for antimicrobial susceptibility called “RAPID”.

Nayam Innovations has received a grant from BIRAC’s BIPP for development and testing of ISITE intraocular lens technology platform

Genrich Membranes has received SPARSH grant from BIRAC for advancing their oxygen enrichment technology further.

PRAYAS Agreement Signing with WeInnovate Biosolutions

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