New People & Startups

MediAsha Technologies is a healthcare startup developing a first-aid device – Instasplint – that immobilizes a fractured limb until the person is taken to the hospital.

Abel Biosolutions is developing latest generation vaccines and designer biologics for various human and animal infectious diseases caused by bacterial and viral pathogens.

In-Med Prognostics is using data analytics and deep learning methodologies to develop a biomarker algorithm and volumetric analysis reports for various neurological disorders starting with paediatric epilepsy and dementia.

Dzeal is a startup in the field of dentistry. The products and services that they are currently developing include tools to be used in root canal treatment of teeth, and an innovative medical device to prevent the progression or recurrence of gum disease    (periodontitis) after primary clinical cure.

Solitarius Biologicals is working towards the development of biologicals such as diagnostic tests and vaccine using novel as well as established technologies. Currently, the company is involved in the development of BIRAC funded anti-chikungunya- IgM diagnostic kit.

KBCols Sciences is a technology driven startup in the field of Bioprocess Technology. They are currently working towards demonstrating proof of concept an environment friendly, novel color extraction and dyeing process for producing and applying 6 microbe-derived colors to 3 types of fabric (cotton, silk, wool).

Biopraxis is  working towards medical technologies for effective renal dialysis. They are developing a nanotechnology platform to reduce dialysis time from the current four hours to about one hour.

FastSense Diagnostics is working on the development of affordable healthcare modules specially for cancer diagnosis. They are currently working on a hand held portable electrochemical diagnostic/screening system for liver cancer. The device could be particularly useful in remote areas or resource-poor regions that lack even basic heath care facilities.

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