Event Highlights

International Workshop on MedTech Products – Navigating Global markets & regulations
25-26 March 2019

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Medical devices including diagnostics comprise one of the fastest growing industries globally. The focus of the workshop was not just an in-depth understanding of regulations and compliance in India but also varied international geographies for potential growth and expansion.

Dr. Renu Swarup and Dr. Shekhar Mande delivered the inaugural address. Dr. Renu Swarup emphasized the need to identify different models to help healthcare startups navigate innovation in both the domestic & global market.Dr. Shekhar Mande reflected on how the pace of technological development in the past 20 years has superseded development over the past 100 years.

Krishna Kumar of Aurolabs talked about getting regulatory approvals for Ocular Lenses in different international markets, and touched upon the importance of product liability insurance in global market.

Highlights from the event

Nandakumar Subburaman of Perfint Healthcare shared insights and recommendations on startup do’s and don’ts, while sharing the challenges of MAXIO deployment in the global market.

Sureshkumar of GE Healthcare, talked about the benefits of regulations in healthcare, and shared lessons learnt in the initial phases of GE Healthcare devices in India and worldwide.

Suman Rijal of DNDi talked about their experience in innovation, research & development for medical treatments in areas such as AMR, neglected diseases, HIV, & drug-resistant malaria.

Chandrasekhar Nair of Bigtec Labs spoke about the global journey of TrueNat MTB: a diagnostic device for TB.

Dr. Milind Antani introduced upcoming rules and regulations relevant to medical products on pricing, packaging and Data Privacy. He also spoke about the paradigm shift in this sector, with an increasing number of Indian medical products going glocal (global + local).

Krishnakumar Sankaranarayanan of PwC India, highlighted the different modes available for startups entering global markets with respect to costs, timelines, and risks — distributor, licensing, partnerships etc.

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