New startups and innovators at Venture Center

Connexions Biosolutions

Connexions Biosolutions is working towards demonstrating proof of concept for a novel, sophorolipid based bacteriophage resistant dairy starter culture to be used in industrial fermentation of dairy products.

Tenon Meditech LLP

The company is working towards developing specialised applicators with smart electrodes to extend the reach of electro-chemotherapy (ECT) to cervical and colorectal cancer tumours.

IntEssence Solutions

Intessence is working towards developing novel “endosseous dental implant system” (to replace lost tooth) that is easier to place and costs 40% less than equivalent products.

CyCa Oncosolutions

CyCa Oncosolutions is working towards developing novel drug delivery platform (engineered biomolecule) that has versatile applications as a specialty pharma product to improve the efficacy of generic/patented drugs, a research reagent for cell biology and live cell imaging and gene therapy.

BMek Tech LLP

Bmek provides IoT, Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics based solution to support various phases of product development.


The company is developing AI driven dictionary of scents and nanotech based scent delivery system that can create any combination of scents digitally for various applications like home, malls, theatre, gaming industry .

NIDHI EIR Fellows and NIDHI PRAYAS Grantees