Swinging into action against Covid-19

Soma Chattopadhyay, Senior Manager – Incuation and Mentoring, offers a comprehensive roundup of the various ways in which Venture Center and our startups are navigating unprecedented COVID-19 challenges. #VCfightsback

The effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak are being felt across countries. As of 21 April, India had over 18000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and over 500 deaths.

While the reports of the spread and the impact of COVID-19 are still grim, at Venture Center, we have witnessed a huge wave of solidarity, bringing together the staff and entrepreneurs, to tackle the threat posed by the pandemic. Multidisciplinary teams have been working with minimal resources and adapting to myriad disruptions to innovate under these very difficult times.

Read on for the many uplifting efforts and developments at Venture Center.

Here’s how our startups are tackling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Venture Center’s COVID19 Efforts

All our efforts and those of our startups have been widely recognized and reported in various media outlets. Click here for media reports